We are an international Christian organization and a community of believers in Christ.

We love God, we love His word and we empower people.

We are there for the weak and for the strong.

In World2Christ, you will be inspired and equipped to fulfil your god given purpose.

Our Mission

The vision of World2Christ is anchored in the great commission of Jesus and His mandate to occupy till He comes. Our vision specifically is to be a Christian organization that has the biggest spiritual and socioeconomic impact in Europe.

In line with vision, our mission is to:

  1. Reach out with the gospel of Jesus Christ throughout Europe;
  2. Teach the culture of the Kingdom of God and principles of the scriptures;
  3. Establish churches in strategic cities in Europe;
  4. Raise ministers and leaders for the Church;
  5. Raise and support Christian corporate and political leaders;
  6. Raise and support Christian entrepreneurs;
  7. Support the poor and weak in the society.

Occupy till He comes

You are warmly welcome to join our regular meeting which are held on Sundays and Fridays.
Sundays: 11:00 – 13:00
Fridays: 19:00 – 20:00

All our regular services are held at our current location


Evangelism is a core part of the vision of World2Christ. The ministry is continuously developing its culture of evangelism where every member of the ministry is committed to the great commission. At the heart of the ministry’s culture of evangelism is a rigorous and regular training of members which focuses on personal evangelism, lifestyle evangelism and group evangelism. The training programme develop disciples who are true fishers of men.

Our methods

As a ministry, we are constantly reaching out to souls through different methods and mediums. Our outreach methods include:

  1. Door-to-door evangelism
  2. Street evangelism
  3. Digital evangelism
  4. Lifestyle evangelism
  5. Mini and large scale crusades

Join the team

If you are passionate about the great commission and desire to be a true soul winner for Christ, you are welcome to join our evangelism team. You will receive the necessary training and support to reach out effectively.

Children & Youth Ministry

World2Christ gives special attention to children and the youth who are the future leaders. We have a Children’s Ministry which is focused on teaching the age group 9 to 15 years the fundamental principles of the scriptures and the kingdom of God. We help them deal with all the questions that confront this age group from a biblical perspective.

In addition, there is special programme at World2Christ to help the youth and young adults between the age 18-25 years to develop their talents and leadership skills. These young adults also receive counselling on career, relationship and marriage.

If you desire to see your children grow in the wisdom of the scriptures, to develop godly character and to realize their potential, you are encouraged to bring them to Word2Chirst.


World2Christ is led by Dr. Alfred L. Teye and his wife Glory Fineman Teye. The couple have been married since 2016 and have a son Ezra Philibert. Alfred is a called Evangelist and gifted in teaching the scriptures. Glory has Apostolic calling; she is also a gifted gospel singer and song writer with many albums. Alfred and Glory both have great passion for souls and their vision is to reach out with the gospel of Jesus Christ across Europe.

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